Interior Painting

Interior painting can beautify a home, office or retail space by adding character and ambiance but it is also important in protecting the drywall, wood and other materials which may see abuse on a daily basis. A fresh, protective coat of paint can keep your surroundings looking like new. Next Gen Painting uses the best prep and painting methods as well as high quality products to ensure that our customers receive a long lasting paint job. See below for some useful information regarding interior prep work and information on the importance of choosing the correct kind of paint for each application.

Interior Prep Work

Prep work is the single most important aspect of the paint job and, unfortunately, it is the most often neglected because of the amount of time and effort it takes to do correctly. Next Gen Painting takes prep work very seriously which is why we can offer a standard 5 year warranty on all of our jobs. Below is a list and description of some common types of interior prep work which your home may be in need of.

Wallpaper/Texture Removal – Old wallpaper and the glue behind it should be removed prior to painting. It is important to remove all traces of glue prior to painting. Old texture such as the infamous popcorn ceilings may also be removed and must be removed properly and completely. All popcorn texture will be tested for asbestos prior to removal. Next Gen Painting is not licensed to remove any asbestos materials.

Cleaning – Walls can become dirty from normal use even though you may not be able to tell. This is especially true in kitchens, bathrooms, on doors and areas near the ground like baseboards. A thorough cleaning with a light detergent may be needed for proper adhesion of the paint.

Caulking – Caulking is used to fill any small to medium sized cracks in the walls, baseboards, windows, etc. it is important to use a high quality acrylic latex caulking which will reduce shrinking and flex with the crack as time goes on.

Scraping – All peeling, blistering or flaking paint must be completely removed and any rough edges must be fully sanded prior to applying any coating.

Patching – Minor to moderate drywall or wood damage must be repaired by patching and primed prior to painting to ensure a smooth surface and uniform finish.

Replacement – Significant drywall or wood damage may require all or some of the area to be removed, replaced and blended into the existing material in order to avoid future problems.

Sanding – Any area which was scraped, patched or has a high-gloss surface must be sanded using the appropriate grit(s) and procedure in order for the paint to adhere properly.

Texture – Any new drywall or large drywall patches will need to be textured to match the surrounding area and primed with a PVA primer prior to painting in order to seal these porous surfaces.

Priming – There are a variety of primers we use depending on the condition and type of material being painted. Any bare surface and even some painted surfaces should be fully primed with a high-grade primer tailored to your specific application in order to achieve maximum adhesion of the paint.


Interior Paint

Choosing a Type of Paint

Oil-based, Water-based. Eggshell, Flat, Low-sheen, Semi-gloss. Acrylic, Latex, Low-VOC. There are many different kinds of paint to choose from regardless of which brand you decide to use. The ability to choose the correct type of paint is an underrated skill for painting contractors. It is important that the contractor you hire uses high quality paint and materials for your needs because choosing the wrong type of paint, primer or prep materials could reduce the life of the paint by more than half!

The location of the surface being painted, amount of traffic it will see, the type of material, and the look you are trying to achieve all play a role in the type of paint you choose. At Next Gen Painting, we work closely with the homeowner and our expert paint vendors to choose the best type of paint for each unique application.

Choosing a Color

Choosing a color can be an overwhelming process. Next Gen Painting can help! Give us a call to discuss.

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